What we collect and why

Our guiding principle is to collect only what we need. Here’s what that means in practice:

Email address

We do collect and store email address

We collect and store email address for authentication purpose when you sign up for the service. We also collect and store email address to send submissions notifications.

Submission data

We do collect and temporary store submissions data

When submission is submitted to your form endpoint, we temporarily store your submission to our queue list for further processing (sending email notification and/or sending webhook).

When your submission is successfully processed, your submission will be immediately deleted from our system.

When your submission is failed to process, your submission will remain in our queue list as we try to reprocess your submissions for 5 times exponentially (Up to 48 hours). If the submission still failed to process in the last attempt, then manual action is required, we will try to reach you to send your submission that failed to process. In this case, we need to read your submission.

In normal circumstances, your submissions will be processed shortly after your data is submitted and immediately deleted right after.

For your information, we use Mailgun as our email delivery service. Mailgun will log every email notification we send for 3 days. If this is bothering you please let us know, we might considering to find better alternatives.

File attachments

We do collect and store file attachments

When your submission containing file attachment(s), we store your file attachment(s) in Amazon S3 bucket with public permissions, that means anyone with links to your file attachment(s) are able to read your file attachment(s).

We try to give your file attachment(s) a link that are hard to guess to make it harder for unwanted people to access your files attachment(s), but keep in mind that it's not impossible for unwanted people to access your file attachment(s).

So make sure use file uploads feature to stores files containing non sensitive information only.


We do collect and store file referrers

Referrers answer the question “Where did this submission come from?”. We collect referrers to make sure that none of our users do abusive behaviors using our service, for example: phishing.


We do collect and store timestamps

We generate timestamps to give a mark when the submission is submitted.

Submission ID

We do collect and store timestamps

We generate submission ID for each submissions as unique identifier.

Purchase details

We do collect and store purchase details

When you buy an upgrade or addons, we store your transcation details to provide you purchase history. We store data such as your account email, service price, service SKU, service name, currency, total amount and creation time.

We do not collect and store your card informations

We do not collect and store your card informations, our payment is processed by PayPal. Please check their privacy policy for detailed information.

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