Reply-To Address

How to setting up Reply-To address, so when you click 'Reply' on email notification the reply email is addressed to intended email address.

When you receives an email notifications and you click 'Reply', the reply message is typically sent to the email address listed in the From: header (email sender), which is

Mostly when you click 'Reply' you want to send a reply email to the submitter's email address, therefore you need to set a Reply-To address.

To set up Reply-To address :

  1. Login to Formcubes dashboard
  2. Open your form workspace > Email notifications
  3. Enter field name that contain email address you want send the reply to on "Reply-To field".
  4. Click "Save"
Setting up Reply-To Address
This screenshot is outdated by the concept is the same (click to enlarge the image)

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