30 November 2020

New Feature
Formcubes is now compatible with AMP websites. If you are using AMP website, you can submit your form either directly from your sites, Google AMP Cache or any other origins.

19 November 2020

New Feature
Release Submissions Archival feature

9 November 2020

New Feature
Release Honey Pot Spam Protection feature

9 November 2020

Launched Pay As You Go Plan

22 August 2020

  • Submissions logs data retention period is now 7 days
  • Fixed some typos
  • Added responsiveness on some UI component
  • Data collection disclosure is updated, please check here

16 August 2020

Formcubes documentation is now self-hosted on

14 August 2020

Resolved some technical debt

1 August 2020

Redirect submitter to rejection page when the file attachment is too big

5 July 2020

New Feature
Release Autoresponse feature

23 June 2020

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug resulting in unable to redirect specific submitter to a custom thank you page

22 June 2020

New Feature
  • Added contact form widget
  • Added contact form widget with documentation panel

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